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11:09 mp4 as 1/1 NFT minted 2022 +

site-specific installation of 25 mini-poems 

as 25 Infinite Objects video prints.

“COMPLETION: Are you ready for the future?“ Is a 1/1 media-rich generative poem by Pushcart Prize-nominated writer/artist Sasha Stiles and her AI alter ego, Technelegy - a custom text generator trained by Stiles on her own poetry and reference materials. Written, performed and visualized by Stiles + Technelegy, with original music and sound design by Kris Bones.

Stiles’ SuperRare genesis, the piece was first exhibited at SuperRare’s NYC Gallery in the group show “Ghost in the Machine” (August 4-22, 2022), alongside work by such celebrated AI artists as Claire Silver, Linda Dounia, Ix.Shells, Brendan Dawes, Yura Miron and Quasimondo.

For more information:


From August 4-20, 2022, “Are you ready for the future?” was exhibited at SuperRare Gallery, 417 West Broadway, NYC, in a site-specific installation developed in collaboration with Infinite Objects.


Stiles transformed the long AI-powered poem into 25 individual, animated mini-poems, each of which is video-printed to an XL Infinite Objects device.


The complete 1/1 physical edition is available to collect along with the 1/1 NFT as seen here (25 screens in a custom-built display), exclusively through SuperRare.

The text of the poem appears in Stiles' first book, Technelegy, and was published as a feature in the prestigious literary journal The Common.

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