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11:09 mp4 as 1/1 NFT minted 2022 +

site-specific installation, variable materials and dimensions

“COMPLETION: Are you ready for the future?“ Is a 1/1 media-rich generative poem by Pushcart Prize-nominated writer/artist Sasha Stiles and her AI alter ego, Technelegy - a custom text generator trained by Stiles on her own poetry and reference materials. This multimedia version -- written, performed and visualized by Stiles + Technelegy, with original music and sound design by Kris Bones -- is adapted from the original text, which was first published as a feature in the prestigious literary journal The Common, and subsequently appeared in Stiles' first book, Technelegy. 

Stiles’ SuperRare genesis, the multimedia version was first exhibited at SuperRare’s NYC Gallery in the group show “Ghost in the Machine” (August 4-22, 2022), alongside work by such celebrated AI artists as Claire Silver, Linda Dounia, Ix.Shells, Brendan Dawes, Yura Miron and Quasimondo.

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From August 4-20, 2022, “Are you ready for the future?” was exhibited at SuperRare Gallery, 417 West Broadway, NYC, in a site-specific installation developed in collaboration with Infinite Objects.


Stiles transformed the long AI-powered poem into 25 individual, animated mini-poems, each of which is video-printed to an XL Infinite Objects device.

In summer 2023, the poem was selected by curator Nato Thompson as a featured artwork at Seattle Art Fair, and installed as an immersive full-size booth with dual projectors (one for prompts, another for the generated text) and surround sound.

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