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Metapoet, literary artist, AI researcher.


Christie’s, SuperRare, fxhash, Quantum.Art, Objkt, 

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Now on-sale in the US

"[A] brilliant book — wildly imaginative, playful, smart —the record of a poet grappling with our technological present, and future."
ALAN LIGHTMAN, author of Einstein's Dreams

"An instant techno-classic."
MARTINE ROTHBLATT, author of Virtually Human

"[A] wonderful series of poems and images that bring the sensitivity of humanity to our transhumanist destiny."
RAY KURZWEIL, inventor and futurist

"Astonishing imagination and electric hybrid storytelling."
JENNY XIE, award-winning poet

"A revealing take on what makes humanity so extraordinary, and the beautiful yet terrifying power of technology."
EMILY CHANG, host of "Bloomberg Technology"

With digital immortality making headlines, stories about robot companions going viral, and crypto upending reality as we know it, it's time to ask: what does it mean to be human in a nearly post-human era?


Weaving together masterful human verse, captivating AI language experiments and full-color art images, Technelegy captures the thrill and peril of our intimate relationship with technology in a profoundly original and provocative hybrid text.


Sasha Stiles is a critically-acclaimed poet, artist, AI researcher and innovation strategist probing the intersection of text and technology.

Her work has been exhibited in analog and virtual realms, honored in the Future Art Awards, nominated for the Pushcart Prize, Forward Prize and Best of the Net, and published on the blockchain.

Stiles is also co-creator of NFT poetry gallery theVERSEverse.


Cursive Binary on screens across France for Digital Art Month, 2021
Photo courtesy CADAF

"Ars Poetica Cybernetica," ArtYard, February 2020. Photo by Paul Warchol.

"Ars Poetica Cybernetica" at ArtYard, March 2020 

Photo by Paul Warchol

img_1890 2.PNG

Poetry commission for Virtual New Year's Eve in Times Square, 2020

Poetry at Rag & Bone's New York Fashion Week show, February 2020


Installing "A Digital Garden Grows" at PLAY/GROUND, 2021
In partnership with Studio As We Are and the Buffalo Institute for Contemporary Art 


"Analog Binary Code" on view at FLORA, juried by Mark Dion, in 2021.

Photo courtesy Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA

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