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“When I enter the word,

the word invades me,

world left behind…”


IN/VERSE at Art Market San Francisco, curated by Nato Thompson

IN/VERSE is a media-rich ars autopoetica by Sasha Stiles and Technelegy, a custom AI text generator powered by GPT and fine-tuned on Stiles’ poetry and research materials. Fusing spoken word with visual poetry and original music, this multilayered digital palimpsest plays on the immersive qualities of language, inviting readers to step into the realm of words and experience the liminality of thought and feeling. Written by Technelegy and performed by Sasha Stiles, with original music by Kris Bones.

IN/VERSE was originally written and developed as an immersive poetry installation at Galerie Brigitte Schenk (Cologne, Germany), and exhibited as a featured artwork at Art Market San Francisco in April 2023. Collectors of this piece are encouraged to replicate the work's original presentation as an immersive poetry cube.


- Create a temporary cube/vestibule within a larger room
- Paint the exterior pink, and the interior black

- Post the text of the poem or excerpts from the poem on the exterior walls in black vinyl lettering (contact Sasha for print-ready files)
- Play the poem on loop inside the cube, via a projector and speaker system


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