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Select poems

True Story
Western Humanities Review

Daughter of E.V.E. (Ex-Vivo Uterine Environment)
and Stupid Virtuous One
Alaska Quarterly Review, Winter 2021

Completion: Fragments
Iterant Magazine, October 2021

Completion: Are You Ready for the Future?
The Common, October 2021

Teleporting to the Motherland
Rattle, Fall 2021

Cursive Binary: Portrait of the Poet as a Brief History of Humanity
Stillpoint Magazine, Issue 008: ETHER

Botany for Lonely Women
The Southampton Review, Summer/Fall 2020

Terms and Conditions
3:AM Magazine, April 2020

Aren't We
The Poetry Society UK, April 2020
(Top National Poetry Writing Month selection)

Poets Reading the News, April 13, 2020

Uncanny Valley, Vision
The Common, October 2019

Terminal, Glitch
Always Crashing, 2019
(Pushcart Prize 2020 nomination)

Horns Are Growing on Young People's Skulls
Poets Reading the News, June 23, 2019

By Hand
Fashion Revolution, April 2019

Ten Year Challenge
Rattle, January 22, 2019

Transom, Issue 12, 2018

Meridian, Issue 41, 2018

Fashion Revolution
Fashion Revolution Zine, 2017

The Missouri Review, Spring 2017

The Salvages
Copper Nickel, No. 24

Under Attack, Homewreck, Zeno Machine
Cog, Issue 11

Three Myths
Matter, Issue 20

Warden of the Winds
Matter, Issue 20

The Weight of Information
Clementine Unbound, March 2017

The Capitol of Dyslexia
Matter, Issue 18

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