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Technelegy (hardcover)


What does it mean to be human in a nearly post-human era?

Fusing masterful verse by Sasha Stiles with captivating language experiments by her AI alter ego and full-color images of Stiles' critically acclaimed art, Technelegy captures the thrill and peril of our intimate relationship with technology in a profoundly original and provocative hybrid text.

Hardcover, 176 pages with full-color images. 8.5 x 10 inches.
Published by Black Spring Press Group (UK 2021, US 2022).

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"Sasha Stiles’ Technelegy is the most comprehensive expression I’ve seen of our anxiousness for and angst about human-extending technology, as well as its cultural advocacy known as transhumanism. With preternaturally accurate phraseology, and a deft braiding of poetry structures and graphic textuals, Stiles has uniquely managed to create a book of poetry that is as momentous in its reach as are the prospects of AI and digital humanity in theirs. This book will never get old; it is an instant techno-classic."

—MARTINE ROTHBLATT, author of Virtually Human


"The merger between ourselves and our intelligent creations is already underway and will ultimately recreate the nature of everything we hold dear, such as life, death, sex, relationships, work and prosperity. Sasha Stiles has fashioned this future scenario into a wonderful series of poems and images that bring the sensitivity of humanity to our transhumanist destiny."

—RAY KURZWEIL, inventor and futurist


"Through astonishing imagination and electric hybrid storytelling, Technelegy parses the unnervingly proximal reality of trans- and posthumanism, along with the myriad ways in which the sacred and eternal are kneaded into the fabric of a time of surveillance capitalism, predictive data AI bards, and robot monks. ‘The world grows old / and looks so new,’ writes Stiles, and how fortunate we are to have these singular poems and artworks as guides, returning our present reality to us simultaneously newer, older, and stranger."

—JENNY XIE, winner of the Walt Whitman Award for poetry


"[A] brilliant book — wildly imaginative, playful, smart — the record of a poet grappling with our technological present, and future."

—ALAN LIGHTMAN, author of Einstein’s Dreams


"The future of human and machines, and the future of the virtual environment is unravelling fast. Human and machine poetry, a language of shimmering light and sound. Sasha’s beautiful poetry evokes the experience of an intimate social gathering, with views on life that make me feel I’m there. Who can pass on that? This is a great read."
—AI-DA, the world’s first robot artist


"This book is a brilliant, unprecedented experiment that marries the glorious, and very human, voice of Sasha Stiles with poetry powered by her artificially intelligent alter ego. A revealing take on what makes humanity so extraordinary, and the beautiful yet terrifying power of technology."
—EMILY CHANG, Host of ‘Bloomberg Technology’


"Technelegy is an immersive journey into today’s entangled web of existence. A fascinating brainbath that leaves the mind inspired, awake and expanded."

—ANI LIU, award-winning multidisciplinary artist


"Stiles shines a brilliant light into the shadows of our collective fever dream about a future where humanity and technology continue to merge."

—BRUCE DUNCAN, M.Ed., Managing Director, Terasem Movement Foundation

Technelegy (audiobook)


Featuring electronically enhanced spoken word performed by Sasha Stiles and original music and sound design by Kris Bones, Technelegy: The Audiobook reflects Stiles’ deep-rooted fascination with poetry’s origins in the oral tradition, and embodies how technology can empower multidimensional, multisensorial literature – expanding the possibilities for connection and understanding.

3 hours, 40 minutes.

Produced by Studio Stiles + Bones and published May 2023.

Listen at Spotify, Google Play, and Apple Books

First released in 2021 (hardcover) and now a cult classic, this groundbreaking poetry collection by award-winning poet, artist and AI researcher Sasha Stiles fuses masterful verse with captivating language experiments written in collaboration with her AI alter ego, powered by GPT-2 and GPT-3. A visionary example of the future of literature, Technelegy captures the thrill and peril of our intimate relationship with technology at a time of unprecedented change.

Intended as an accompaniment to the audiobook, META POETICA (coming in 2024) is a podcast about the technology of language, from spoken word to generative AI. In each episode, Sasha invites creative innovators to listen to a poem from the book and consider what it means to be human in an increasingly posthuman world.


Listen to the trailer at Spotify.

Technelegy (paperback)




An essential handbook for our time of astonishing technological transformation, by the world's leading AI poet. This edition includes a new prose section: “CONVERSATIONS: Dialogues on Authorial Intelligence, AI-Powered Literature, and the Future of Language.”


Forthcoming early 2024

Pre-order at Black Spring Press Group

In 2018, Sasha Stiles found herself wondering what the rise of large language models might mean for writers - and for creativity at large. To probe the possibilities, she began translating over a decade of analog poems and research into a personalized AI model, augmenting human voice with next-gen imagination.

Crafted jointly by Stiles and her poetic alter ego, and first published in hardcover in 2021, Technelegy is a prescient artifact of the pre-ChatGPT era - a collection of generative poems nestled in their own training data - and an unprecedented experiment fusing past and future, woman and machine, verse and code, elegy and wordplay, in search of answers to the urgent question: what does it mean to be human in a nearly posthuman world?

“The great visionary of AI art and poetry...

Stiles shows us a new energy within the field of poetry which marks the beginning of a poetic movement within AI.” —Hans Ulrich Obrist


"Technelegy is a treasure trove of inspiration and insights... a vision of a more tender and thoughtful human and computer relation.“ —Charlotte Kent

"Sasha Stiles is an enchanter from the future, and Technelegy is a secret spellbook for the mind, the eyes, and the heart." —Ed Park

“A daring work: adventurous, searching, playful... Technelegy preceded the current uproar over ChatGPT and transcends that debate.” —Diana Senechal

"Stiles inspires through poetic inquiries into language & technologies in our time. I'm delighted by her compelling work Technelegy." —Alison Knowles

"When artificial intellects have emerged to become the newer Muses of our poetry, Stiles will be among the first of all poets to commune with the thoughts of these machines." —Christian Bök

Technelegy (paperback)


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