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July 2-6, 2024

The Generative Art Summit

Presented by Foundation Herbert W. Franke

Academy of Arts

Berlin, Germany


June 14, 2024

Generative Poetry Panel

The Digital Art Mile

Basel, Switzerland


June 10, 2024

Dialectic Summer Jam: Panel on AI

Basel, Switzerland

Thursday, June 6, 2024

Poetic Symbiosis: AI and Human

A talk between Sasha Stiles and Michele Elam

The Wattis Institute

360 Kansas Street, San Francisco, CA

May 17, 2024
Authors Alliance 10th Anniversary Event:

Authorship in an Age of Monopoly and Panics

San Francisco, CA

May 1, 2024

Art & AI: Beyond Imagination

Presented by artnet and Artist in the Machine

Neuehouse Madison Square


April 25, 2024


Presented by Digital Art Week

OUTERNET @ The NOW Building

Charing Cross Rd, London WC2H 8LH

Screening throughout the day; for exact times, consult the Outernet app

April 23, 2024

The Future of Language with Sasha Stiles


Twitter Spaces

April 4, 2024

FOUR CORE TEXTS: Opening Party

Hosted by Bang & Olufsen and MakersPlace

Bang & Olufsen, 121 Spring Street, NYC


RSVP required

April 4, 2024

Artist Meet-and-Greet & Cocktail Reception

Gucci, 63 Wooster Street, NYC


April 3, 2024

Publics of Poetry with Ryan Mather, Sasha Stiles, and Kelin Carolyn Zhang

Monument Lab

6:30-8pm, virtual

April 3, 2024

The Long Haul: Building a Career as an Artist

With Laurence Fuller, DeltaSauce, and Sasha Stiles

Canvas 3.0, The Oculus, NYC


March 20, 2024

A4 ConversAAtion: Generative Artists on Creativity, Algorithms, and AI

Asian American Arts Alliance

Pier 57, Chelsea, NYC

6:30-8:30 pm

March 13-14, 2024

Are You Ready For The Future? Poetry & Art in the Post-Human Age
Two Days with Poet, Language Artist, and AI Researcher

Binghamton Center for Writers

Binghamton University, NY

February 27-28, 2024

HCS Meeting 2024

Washington, DC

February 22, 2024

Poetry@Tech Reading

Georgia Tech

Atlanta, GA

January 23, 2024

The Future of Creativity in the Digital Era

Presented by the Financial Times

NeueHouse Madison Square, NYC

Doors 6pm; panel begins at 6:30pm

January 11-13, 2024

DLD Conference

Munich, Germany

December 8, 2023

Art Basel Miami Beach

"CONVERSATIONS: Intersections in Art with Sasha Stiles and Hans Ulrich Obrist"

Art Basel

1901 Convention Center Drive, Miami Beach, FL

December 7, 2023

Miami Art Week

"How to Begin Collecting Digital Art for Traditional Collectors"

Presented by LiveArt & blackdove

Global Furniture Group

Northeast 41st Street, Miami, FL

December 6, 2023

Miami Art Week

"Tezos @ South Beach"

Presented by Refraction & Tezos

The Nautilus South Beach, Miami, FL

October 18, 2023

"SIGNAL VS VOICE: Words and Sounds in the Age of AI"

Presented by ElevenLabs and Antimetal for NY Tech Week

New York City

October 6, 2023


"Creating the Creative"

With DADAGAN and Sasha Stiles, moderated by curator Dehja Ti

12pm, Twitter Spaces

September 27, 2023


"The Generative Poetics of Self, Time & Sequence"

With Matt Kane, Mitchell Chan and Sasha Stiles, moderated by Elisabeth Sweet

12pm, Twitter Spaces

September 22, 2023


Presented by Art Blocks, with Nathaniel Stern

Marfa, TX

September 13, 2023

"NYC Symposium: Generative AI & the Creativity Cycle"


Presented by Creative Commons


September 9, 2023

"An Evening with theVERSEverse, Allen Ginsberg & Friends"

Hosted by

LUME Studios, NYC


September 7-8, 2023

"The Gateway Korea"

Presented by NFT NOW

Seoul, Korea


July 28, 2023

Seattle Art Fair

"New Frontiers: The Impact of Artificial Intelligence in Art"

Seattle Art Fair Christie's Theater, Seattle, WA



July 26, 2023

Seattle Art Fair VIP Event

"Perspectives on Artificial Intelligence & Art:

An Evening with Sasha Stiles and Jason Puccinelli"

The Grocery Studios, Seattle, WA

July 25, 2023, 6pm CET
Kunstmuseum Bern

"Sasha Stiles in conversation with curator Luba Elliott"

July 24, 2023

"Rattlecast Interview with Sasha Stiles"

Rattle Magazine


July 12-15, 2023
ELO Conference and Media Arts Show

Coimbra, Portugal

June 30, 2023

"Web3 Poetry Workshop with Sasha Stiles and Raina Mehler, Pace Gallery"

Superchief NFT Gallery

The Oculus at the Westfield WTC, New York City

7-9:30 pm

June 7-8, 2023

NFC Lisbon

"The World’s First AI Art Hackathon"

Presented by MakersPlace with artmatr

Lisbon, Portugal

May 25, 2023
"Poeme Sbjkt Vernissage"

Librairie Metamorphoses, 17 Rue Jacob, Paris

Curatorial Tour 5-6pm

Vernissage 6-8pm

May 23, 2023
"A EYE Launch Event"

Kunstmuseum Bern

Bern, Switzerland


May 13, 2023
Frieze Week NYC:

“STILL MOVING Poetry Party & Performance"

With Nathaniel Stern, Kris Bones and Camilia Araque

Presented by Subjective, Lume Studios & Art Blocks

Lume Studios, 393 Broadway, NYC


May 12, 2023

'7th Annual Kerouac Festival"

NYU KJCC Theater, New York City


April 14, 2023

"The Future of Poetry is NFTs"

With Timothy Green, Katie Dozier, Johnny Dean Mann and Sasha Stiles

Art Stage, NFT NYC

11:05 am

April 13, 2023
"AI & NFTs: The Frontier of the Crypto Creator Economy"

With Worldcom, BottoDAO and Sasha Stiles, hosted by Li Jin

New York City


April 12, 2023

"Art in the Age of AI"

Moderated by Danielle King, with Connie Bakshi, Ira Greenberg, AJ Berni and Sasha Stiles

Proof of People x Refraction at Zero Space

337 Butler Street, Brooklyn, NYC


April 12, 2023
"Decoding the Digital Canvas: Exploring New Artistic Practices"

Moderated by Aleksandra Art, with Michael Zancan, Laurence Fuller and Sasha Stiles

Tezos NFT Summit

New York City


April 3, 2023
"Trevor Paglen & Sasha Stiles in Conversation"

Presented by Pace Gallery

Twitter Spaces


March 23, 2023
“ARS AUTOPOETICA: Stories from the Frontlines of AI Authorship”

With Sasha Stiles, K Allado-McDowell and Jesse Damiani

Neuehouse Venice Beach

Los Angeles, CA


March 23, 2023
"AI Poetry Pop-Up and Reading"

Curated by Sasha Stiles

Presented by Bright Moments Gallery

Venice, CA

March 20-23, 2023
"Outer Edge LA Panel on AI"

LA Convention Center

Los Angeles, CA

March 16, 2023
“From Print to Meta: The Pros and Cons of AI, AR, Web3, and the Metaverse, for the Creative Industry and Beyond”

Hosted by LeBook, with Krista Kim, Sasha Stiles, Benjamin Palmer, and Louisa St. Pierre

Neuehouse Hollywood

Los Angeles, CA


March 9, 2023
AWP 2023 Conference

“The First Crypto Poets: What We Learned from NFTs and Where We’re Going”
Room 331, Summit Building, Seattle Convention Center, Level 3

Seattle, WA

February 23, 2023

Opening reception: "B1NARY 0DES"

Annka Kultys Gallery

472 Hackney Road, London

6 - 8pm

February 22, 2023

"ARTISTSNOW! Guest Lecture"

University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee

Peck School of the Arts 
​7:30 - 9 pm

February 21, 2023

"ARS AUTOPOETICA: AI Poetry Workshop with Guest Lecturer Sasha Stiles"

Digital Humanities Lab, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee​


February 18, 2023

"Artists in Dialogue: Nathaniel Stern and Sasha Stiles"

The Lab, Krasl Art Center

St. Joseph, MI


February 17, 2023

Opening reception:“Are You Ready for the Future?”

The Lab, Krasl Art Center

St. Joseph, MI

February 2, 2023

"The AI Diaries: How to Use AI in Your NFT Art"

With Claire Silver, Lilyillo and Sasha Stiles

Presented by MyBFF

4pm on Twitter Spaces

January 30, 2023

"UNIC Open Metaverse Initiative Panel"

With Sasha Stiles, Claire Silver, Sam Spratt, Innamodja & Bharat Krymo

Presented by Punk 6529 and gmoney


January 26, 2023

“Art History Happy Hour: NFTs”
With Nato Thompson and Artwrld

The Brooklyn Museum

Brooklyn, NY


January 12, 2023

“Let’s Talk Digital Alternatives“

With Nato Thompson and Artwrld

Twitter Spaces

12 pm EST

December 19, 2022

“The Rise of Literary NFTs” with Keith Grossman and theVERSEverse

Twitter Spaces


December 13, 2022

“Words Have Power: Celebrating the Launch of ETCH"

With Matt Kane and Deca

Twitter Spaces

December 3, 2022

Miami Art Week/FEMGEN Panel: “On Art for a Posthuman Age”

With Anne Bracegirdle and Connie Bakshi

Miami, FL

December 3, 2022

The Gateway

"Literary NFTs: Moving Beyond the Page

With Sasha Stiles and Ana Maria Caballero, interviewed by Matt Medved

Miami Art Week

Miami, FL

November 30, 2022

Miami Art Week

"Opportunities for Poets in the Digital Realms"

Miami Beach Regional Library

Miami, FL

November 30, 2022

Miami Art Week

"REFRACTION Summit: AI Creation Roundtable"

With Agnieszka Kurant, Fabiola Larios and Moises Sanabria

Miami, FL

November 5, 2022

Non Fungible Castle Conference

"How is web3 changing art?"

With Anika Meier, Harm van den Dorpel and Jake Al Haffar

Prague Castle

November 3-4, 2022


"Panel discussion on literary NFTs"


November 2, 2022

"VerticalCrypto Art Invites: London"


October 20, 2022

"Digilogue Summit 2022"


October 26, 2022

"Web3 in Context"

Christie’s Auction House 

New York City


September 10, 2022
”The future of NFTs & the Traditional Art World”

Arthur x Armory Week Private Breakfast

New York City


August 28, 2022

Metaverse Art Week

"Live performance of THE WORD AFTER US by Nathaniel Stern & Sasha Stiles"

Presented by artnet


3pm EST

August 25, 2022

Metaverse Art Week

"theVERSEverse poetry reading"

Presented by artnet

12pm EST 

August 23, 2022

"NFTuesday Presents: theVERSEverse Poetry Night"

El Cid

Los Angeles, CA

August 18, 2022

SuperRare: A Space Odyssey

SuperRare Gallery

417 W. Broadway, New York City


August 6, 2022

"theVERSEverse SuperRare Space Poetry Reading & Collection Preview"

SuperRare Gallery

417 W. Broadway, New York City


August 4, 2022

Exhibition Opening: “Ghost in the Machine”

SuperRare Gallery

417 W. Broadway, New York City


July 28, 2022

"Art Law Conference 2022​"

Center for Art Law, New York Law School

New York City

July 26, 2022

”My AI Is my Co-Author:

A Double Book Launch with Sasha Stiles and K. Allado-McDowell"

Hosted by Hugo House and Elliott Bay Book Company

July 7, 2022


"In Conversation with the Artists About AI"

Presented by Vertical Crypto

Fabric, London

July 7, 2022


"NFT poetry workshop and reading with theVERSEverse"

Presented by Vertical Crypto

Fabric, London

June 23, 2022

"Poetry Happy Hour with theVERSEverse x LAL Art Advisory"

New York City

June 23, 2022

"Poetry and the Blockchain"


Times Square, New York City

June 23, 2022

"theVERSEverse @ Bowery Poetry Club"

Hosted by Marcos de la Fuente

New York City

June 19, 2022

Art Basel

"Tezos NFT Speaker Series: The Artists' Perspective on NFTs"
Basel, Switzerland

June 9, 2022

Consensus 2022 by CoinDesk

"NFT Panel "
Austin, TX

June 2, 2022

"BOTTO in NYC: AI art panel with Mario Klingemann, Anna Condo & Sasha Stiles"

Moderated by Harmon Leon

SuperRare Gallery

New York City

May 30, 2022

"Poetry is the Original Blockchain"

Electronic Literature Conference / ELO 2022

Como, Italy & Virtual

May 24, 2022

NFT Poetry Webinar: TCCE Arts and Digital Creativity Forum

Artificial Intelligence Research Centre

City, University of London
9am EST / 2pm BST

May 24, 2022

"Roundtable: How can cultural institutions access crucial support?"

Tezos Foundation x CADAF x theVERSEverse

Twitter Spaces

12pm EST

May 4, 2022

"MoCDA Sessions:Do Androids Paint Electric Landscapes?"

Interview with Tom van Avermaet

Museum of Contemporary Digital Art

Twitter Spaces

2:30pm EST

April 23, 2022

Art Market San Francisco

"Artist Panel"

San Francisco, CA

3pm PST

April 21, 2022

Poetry in New York

Reading from “Technelegy”

Book Club, NYC


April 14, 2022

“Technelegy" U.S. Launch Party

In conversation with artist Diane Burko

Frenchtown Bookshop

Frenchtown, NJ



April 11, 2022

"Techtonic with Mark Hurst"

WFMU Radio

Listen to the podcast here

April 7, 2022

"Technelegy U.S. Launch Reading"

Grolier Poetry Book Shop

Harvard Square, Cambridge, MA

April 5, 2022

"U.S. Book Launch of Technelegy"

Live AI Poetry Reading in the Metaverse

Digital Francisco Carolinum, Cryptovoxels

12pm EST

April 1, 2022


Virtual launch on Twitter Spaces

theVERSEverse x Francisco Carolinum

March 25, 2022

AWP22 Off-site Poetry Reading

Presented by Iterant Magazine & Friends

Young American Cider

Philadelphia, PA

March 14, 2022

Artist talk: "Memento Minti"

Museum of Contemporary Digital Art

Virtual event


March 12, 2022

"Web3 Tech and UX Obstacles for Artists" with Bailey Reutzel

NFT House @ SXSW

The Graeber House

Austin, TX


March 12, 2022

"Enter the Metaverse" Block/Talks @ SXSW

Presented by Tezos


Austin, TX

March 10, 2022

"The World After Us with Nathaniel Stern & friends"

Binghamton University Art Museum

Binghamton, NY

March 1, 2022

"Discussing Art NFTs - Episode 8: A Deep Read"

Twitter Spaces

February 25, 2022

"How is Poetry Evolving Technology?"

Twitter Spaces

February 23, 2022

"A Brief History (and Future) of Text-Based Art, with theVERSEverse"

Twitter Spaces

February 15, 2022

"The Art of Meditation"

with Meditopia and Studio As We Are

IG Live

January 15, 2022

"Kammerflimmern Outdoor Projection Mapping Festival"


Nuremberg, Germany

January 14, 2022

"CW Talks: Panel on AI Language Models"

Twitter Spaces

January 8, 2022

“Memento Minti" Exhibition Opening and Curatorial Tour

Museum of Contemporary Digital Art


December 4, 2021

Miami Art Week

"AI Poetry Reading & Conversation"

TimeOut Market Miami

Miami, FL

1pm EST

December 1, 2021

Miami Art Week

"Metaversal Language Artist Panel"Miami Art Week

Presented by Time Out Market Miami x Blackdove

Miami, FL

6:30 pm EST

November 24, 2021

"​CW Talks: Sasha Stiles in conversation with Kalen Iwamoto"

Twitter Spaces

10am EST

November 19, 2021

"TECHNELEGY - Virtual Book Launch & Tech Talk"

The Alternative Art School​

Virtual event

2pm EST

November 18, 2021

"CWTalks: The Women of theVERSEverse"

Twitter Spaces

9am EST

February 15, 2020

"A Valentine to the Future:

An Evening with AI Poet Sasha Stiles & Humanoid Android BINA48"


Frenchtown, NJ

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