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"Poetry Is the Original Blockchain: Jesse Damiani speaks to Sasha Stiles about how NFTs are unlocking poetry as a technology."
With thanks to Alex Estorick

July 25, 2022

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"Poetry At the Edge of the Human: Alex Estorick Speaks to Ana Maria Caballero, Kalen Iwamoto, and Sasha Stiles of theVERSEverse, alongside data poet Ross Goodwin."

July 4, 2022

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"Mothering Machines:
Sasha Stiles's Technelegy"
By Halim Madi

June 22, 2022

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Curatorial Picks:
theVERSEverse x Ross Goodwin

June 27, 2022

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Tezos @ SXSW Saturday March 12, 2022

Tezos @ SXSW Saturday March 12, 2022

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"Working at the ‘intersection between text and technology’, Sasha combines language with the digital advancements of the Novacene: an eco-friendly AI that will one day become Earth’s dominant life-form. Stiles’ artwork combines conceptual art, semiotics, visual poetry, speculative design, translation and computer science...

Made in collaboration with ‘Technelegy’, this 1/1 piece is an extract from ‘Completion: Fragments’: ‘a transhuman poem cycle in which prophetic, oracular, provocative and surrealist AI outputs are assembled into a linked series of cybernetic stanzas’. 

‘Fragment 24’ has been chosen for this week’s Curatorial Pick as a result of Sasha’s innovations in crypto poetry – an emerging genre of Crypto Art largely introduced by theVERSEverse. Combining machine learning with beautiful visuals, she continues to progress the future of poetry within a decentralized landscape."

VERTICALCRYPTO ART, January 12, 2022

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Image via Time Out

"Explore the metaverse at Time Out Market this Miami Art Week"

This Miami Art Week, [Time Out Market Miami] partners with digital art gallery Blackdove to present “Metaversal_Language,” an exploration of creative code as the language of the metaverse. Curated by Jess Conatser, it features original works by five multidisciplinary artists who poignantly articulate the ways in which we communicate in the metaverse. “Artists make their work with code so exploring the language behind the art and how it becomes collaborative with the viewer is part of the communication process,” explains Conatser, whose curatorial practice explores the evolution of human behavior and identity in relation to technology...

The artists she’s handpicked are mostly emerging with a track record for creating progressive works. For this special commission, Conatser enlisted the likes of A.I. poet Sasha Stiles, who will be doing a live reading of her new book, Technelegy, at the Market on December 4 at 1pm. There’s also REO, a futurist and music producer who creates art that shows what a song looks like using today’s leading-edge technology; Kenneth Alexander, who fuses traditional and digital art styles; DATASYNCED, whose work focuses on building support systems that prioritize the “air quality” in this new dimension; and Ben Heim, an audiovisual composer creating complex evolving visual systems.

“Metaversal_Language” opens to the public on December 1 at noon and runs through Sunday, December 5. A panel discussion with the artists is scheduled for December 1 at 6:30pm, followed by a cocktail reception with Mezcal Amarás and live set by DJ Ear Candy that’s open to the public with RSVP. Pieces will be available for purchase via QR code...

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