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Featuring electronically enhanced spoken word performed by Sasha Stiles and original music and sound design by Kris Bones, Technelegy: The Audiobook reflects Stiles’ deep-rooted fascination with poetry’s origins in the oral tradition, and embodies how technology can empower multidimensional, multisensorial literature – expanding the possibilities for connection and understanding.

3 hours, 40 minutes.

Produced by Studio Stiles + Bones and published May 2023.

Listen at Spotify, Google Play, and Apple Books

First released in 2021 (hardcover) and now a cult classic, this groundbreaking poetry collection by award-winning poet, artist and AI researcher Sasha Stiles fuses masterful verse with captivating language experiments written in collaboration with her AI alter ego, powered by GPT-2 and GPT-3. A visionary example of the future of literature, Technelegy captures the thrill and peril of our intimate relationship with technology at a time of unprecedented change.

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