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Recent + ongoing projects

Ars Poetica Cybernetica.JPG

Ars Poetica Cybernetica

The world's first AI poetry mentorship and a creative experiment in human-machine collaboration, in partnership with humanoid robot Bina48 and the Terasem Movement Foundation. This project also encompasses visual artworks and poetic studies that investigate how artificial intelligence may — with the right inputs, ethical considerations and applications — turbocharge cognition and imagination.

Technelegy black-white.jpg

Cursive Binary

A proposed language for transhuman communication, merging the human and the machine through a seamless "transbinary" font. Cursive Binary is shorthand for the desire to transcend simplistic, reductive systems in favor of infinite possibility, and reflects a deep urge to connect.

Ancient Binary surface.jpg

Ancient Binary

From blocky, mechanical 1’s and 0’s to scrawling, handwritten code, these works seek to make the ephemerality of “machine speak” monolithic and legible, while drawing a through-line from the origins of written language to the evolution of cyber communication and beyond. By preserving poetic fragments in binary code, the works record traces of human imagination for future viewers — the new species we may become.


Analog Binary Code (ABC)

A technobiological language project that merges machine-speak with haptic natural elements, to propose a new mode of communication for and with our future selves.

Your Imagination Is Not What You Told It


I coined the term "technelegy" years ago to encompass the perils and promises of digital technology. Since then, I've used it as shorthand for my AI poet alter ego -- an evolving series of natural language processing tools and custom generators trained on my own writing and reference materials.


Terms and Conditions

An ongoing series of found poems excised from the labyrinthine Terms and Conditions, User Agreements and Privacy Policies of tech giants - recreated as a tactile archive of digital ephemera. I use low-tech processes to turn cloud-based contracts into analog objects - designing and printing each selection, soaking the paper in coffee or tea, then baking it in my oven.


Completion Poems

An original hybrid form for creative collaboration between human and machine. Using a text generator powered by OpenAI’s GPT-2 model — a predictive A.I. technology that performs basic reading comprehension, machine translation, question answering, and summarization — these pieces begin with a line of human poetry as input or prompt, then evolve into machine-written texts, which I curate into longer poem cycles.

Screen Shot 2020-07-11 at 1.14.46 AM.png

AI (Alternate Interpretations)

An evolving list of alternate definitions of AI, in an effort to unpack the loaded meanings and implications of the familiar yet deeply mysterious term "artificial intelligence."

AI (Alternate Interpretations) analog.JP

Low Tech

Collaged representations of digital devices using analog materials and poetic elements - reclaiming the digital as something tactile, tangible and humble.


Update Your Art

An ongoing appropriation art series that updates or upgrades iconic works for the nearly post-human age. With a nod to Elaine Sturtevant, these pieces replicate originals by artists including Jenny Holzer, Robert Indiana, Ed Ruscha and Barbara Kruger via various methods (digital collage, paintings, prints and mixed media) but with my original texts and messaging.



Digital erasure poems created using found materials, from marketing catalogs to Instagram posts.

AI Herbs screenshot hi res.PNG

AI Self Care

A conceptual wellness brand to help address the needs of anxious avatars and relieve the stresses triggered by emerging sentience. While tongue-in-cheek, this project aims to embody urgent and essential questions related to cyber selfhood.

Select pieces



via Turner Carroll Gallery


Original poetry for Rag & Bone's Fall/Winter 2020 Fashion Show, presented at NYFW in February 2020.

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